• Q1
    About services

    1. Before sales, we will answer your questions with warm attitude and technical knowledge. If necessary, we will provide you with sample confirmation. At the same time, we warmly welcome you to visit our factory.

    2. After confirming the intention of cooperation, we can sign a sales contract to provide legal protection.

    3. Flexible payment methods: Western Union or company account, private transfer, etc.

    4. Online product price is for reference only. Due to the constant changes of raw materials and labor costs, product prices fluctuate from time to time. All products are subject to negotiation.

  • Q2
    About return and exchange

    If the product is really a quality problem, please contact us in any time, we will deal with it for you at the first time, and we will refund the freight.

  • Q3
    About after sales

    If you encounter problems in the installation and use, please feel free to contact us, we are ready to provide professional guidance.

  • Q4
    About express and shipping company and samples

    Express first choose DHL ,FEDEX,UPS and so on,And by sea normal use MSK company,For samples we can free 1-2Pcs but customer need pay shipping freight.

  • Q5
    About shipping time

    Once get deposit normal by 7 days delivery,But it depend on order quantity.

  • Q6
    About products photo

    All the pictures on this website are taken in kind. Due to the different light and display, there will be some color difference in the pictures. Please choose carefully if you can't accept the color difference, and don't take it as a reason for return.