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ATS Dual Power Switches


Rated: voltage 220V 50/60HZ

Noted: power will be interrupted when Switching.

Switch time<4S

Max current: 63A.

1. Dual power Automatic transfer switch can switch to Normal power or reserve power automatically. Please noted that the switch canrsquot turn on or turn off the generator.

This switch Normal power first. If normal power on, the switch will switch to Normal power. If normal power off, and reserve power on, the switch will switch to reserve power.


Press the button to Automatic, the switch will switch to Normal power or reserve power automatically.

Press the button to Manual, Then you have to switch the Direction manually.

automatic transfer device. Itrsquos suitable for 3 phases 4 wires (or 1 phase 1 wire) dual power grid with AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage 400V/230V and rated current up to 63A.

When one power goes wrong (only test normal Phase A voltage and reserve Phase A voltage, only test loss voltage or loss phase),

it will automatic connect one or several load circuits from one power to the other power automatically, to ensure normal power supply of load circuits.

The automatic transfer switch conforms to IEC60947-6-1 and GB/T14048.11


2.Normal conditions for operation and installation:

Environmental Temperature Condition:-5~+40degC

Installation site is not more than 2000 meters above sea level.

Pollution Level: Grade 3

Installation Category: 3

Vertical installation or horizontal installation

4. Main parameter

Rated Current Ie A


50, 63

Electrical Appliances Class


Use Category


Tripping Current

5~10In (Type C), 10~15In (Type D),

Rated voltage Ue

220V (2P),380V (3P or 4P)

Rated frequency


Rated short circuit connecting ability Icm (Peak)



Rated short circuit breaking ability Icn (effective value)