PV DC Circuit Breaker

  • PV DC Circuit Breaker
  • PV DC Circuit Breaker

PV DC Circuit Breaker

DC Mini Circuit Breaker is suitable in normal current 125A and below, directly-current rated voltage 220V and 440V, Uses for carries on the overload, short-circuit protection to the current electrical power distribution system’s facility and the electrical equipment, and used in professional electric power, posts and telecommunications transportation, Industrial and mining establishments, and so on.

Product Description


 LC-125 MCB

 Number of poles


Rated Current(In)


Rated Voltage(Un)


 Rated Frequency




 Short-circuit breaker capacity(Cn)


  Magnetic releases

B curve: between 3and 5 In

C curve: between 5and 10In

D curve: between 10 and 14In



 Terminal protection


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